Dark Sky Lighting

Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting Collections

 In the past few decades there has been an explosion of excessive use of outdoor lighting. You may be someone who has trouble sleeping at night because the glare from a streetlight or from your neighbor’s house is shining in your bedroom window. It is my sincere hope that our children’s children will be able to once again connect their whole selves with the wonder and utility of the night sky. Dark sky lighting is a way to get there, hopefully sooner than we think.

Dark Sky Lighting Really Is For the Birds

There are plenty of reasons to conserve electricity and energy sources. Cutting back on electricity, is of course, a big issue, not only environmentally, but economically. Plenty has been written about conserving energy and cutting back on using eletric lights and...

Restoring Night Skies

Did you know that night lighting — street lights, porch lights, yard lights and car lights — creates problems at night? It produces glare, hampers sleep, harms plants and destroys some animals’ environments. In Strathcona County, Alberta, the...