Buying Outdoor Lighting – A helpful list

Buying Outdoor Lighting

1. Outdoor lighting is also referred to as landscape lighting. Buying outdoor lighting is pretty much the same as buying landscape lighting, although we tend not to think of it that way when the lights are attached to our houses.

2. Outdoor lighting not only extends the hours you can spend outside entertaining, reading or eating, but also provides security enhancements to your home. There is much to learn about this. Too much bright light and glare makes your property less secure rather than more.

3. While there are many options when it comes to layout, there are only three basic types of outdoor/landscape lighting systems. Learn more about the different kinds of energy efficient lighting, including solar powered, low voltage and dark sky compliant.

4. When shopping for outdoor lighting fixtures, be sure to look for the UL rated approval for damp locations label so you know your fixtures will stand up to varying weather conditions.

5. Before getting started, be sure to create a landscape lighting plan.

6. Once creating your plan, consider the different styles and functions of the lighting fixtures you have to choose from, including the architectural style of your home, and different lighting techniques available to you.

7. Spend some time getting to know something about outdoor and landscape lighting available today.

8. Learn about Dark Sky regulated lights and EnergyStar before making any final decisions.

9. Know the difference between task lighting, accent lighting and general lighting as you create your outdoor lighting landscape plan.

10. Have fun creating the outdoor space of your dreams!

Buying outdoor lighting can be challenging, mostly due to the new legions of outdoor lighting choices to be had. I’ve created a list of ideas to help begin you on your way to getting a better understanding of some of what’s available today. Dark sky lighting and solar lighting offer a couple of less light polluting options.

Enjoy your search!