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How dark it is and how wonderful it is to turn on a light outside without worrying about creating glare that will blind the neighbors and the people walking by.

How wonderful it is to know that the outdoor lighting purchased will contribute to less light pollution in the long term and how very important that is – Dark Sky Lighting – A Brighter Future.

I am so committed to living with less of a “footprint” on this dynamic and wonderful planet earth and I am so very committed to not hurting other species with the choices I make in my life. When I chose to light my outdoors I am choosing to possibly hinder the migration patterns of birds and bugs. I am also choosing to possibly hinder the sleep of my next door neighbor.

And there is no way that I want to do either of those things. In this day and age, I am very glad to have choices about what lighting fixtures to buy and how long to keep them turned on. With cheap digital timers, it is very easy to turn our lights on and off without even needing to be there to flip a switch. Now how easy is that!

We are all fully capable of making these kinds of choices.

It’s a wonderful life. Live it fully and allow other species to live fully, too. Love to all!!