Here’s another downside of light pollution or light trespass I’d never considered. Apparently, some army bases are facing light pollution challenges as cities and towns expand toward their base borders.

Comal County officials and base administrators alike are reviewing the potential problems associated with current and future urban expansions around the outskirts of the Camp Bullis base in that area. Night training, an important aspect of the base’s day-to-day work, is hampered by overly bright lights that are slowly encroaching on their dark training grounds.

Those making an effort to learn how to work in the dark, combat medics in particular, are having a hard time achieving realistic nighttime conditions because of the light spilling into the base from neighboring communities. And word on the street is that if this light trespass isn’t stopped, and soon, the base’s work may be in jeopardy.

Although Camp Bullis lies within the Bexar County, it abuts the Comal County, too. Bexar County has already passed a dark skies ordinance that would require any new developments to use full cut-off lighting in order to minimize the light pollution leaking onto the base.

Comal County Commissioners are also examining a similar resolution that would require additional expansion, which is ever-more frequent these days, to use dark-sky compliant lighting. New fixtures would have to have top sheilds that keep light from spewing upward and direct it toward the ground instead.

So I guess there’s another reason to champion the cause of dark sky lighting! We want our armies to be well-trained, so giving them every advantage is in everyone’s best interest.