Advances in Solar LED Post Lighting


The advances in solar LED post lighting can save you money on your electric bill while providing required functional lighting in your yard or on a patio. The innovations in outdoor solar post lighting include features of attractive designs and LED bright lighting with solar powered batteries that can last for 2 nights or more in some cases.

Because the new solar post lighting is much more functional, many people are quite surprised when they see the advances. LED or lighted electric diodes are innovative bulbs that give out light many times that of traditional bulbs. The battery storage and solar panels have been enhanced to the point that they can collect and store enough solar power to last through a couple rainy or cloudy days and still burn brightly all night.

It is possible to light a large outdoor area with only a fixture or two and the only cost invested is in the fixture. Some people find that spending less than two hundred dollars on a 3 foot high fixture they can light their yard adequately. Since no electricity is involved, they have free lighting from dusk to dawn, without timers or the worry of turning the lighting off and on. Of course, most of them have manual switches where you can, if you find the need to.

Some of the outdoor post solar lighting fixtures are capable of motion detection for on and off lighting. These are a great safety feature for those that only need light when they are in their yard or walking down the sidewalk. They are a great security feature for those that have considered motion detective flood lights for their homes. The installation of the newer solar powered post lights are virtually nothing and it takes a matter of minutes to totally transform your yard and make it more secure.

The advances in solar post lighting are evident in the variety of fixtures you can find. They come in modern contemporary styles with bold lines, Victorian antique styles, old gas streetlight styles or styles that have an Asian flair. You can enhance the appearance of your landscaping, gardens, fountains, ponds and other yard features by installing solar post lighting.

Since there is no wiring involved, you just have to decide on the proper placement for natural sunlight recharging during the day and proper lighting at night. Since most of the fixtures are priced about the same as traditional electrical yard lights, they are a logical choice for almost any application.

The LED lighting comes in a variety of styles, such as small pathway post lighting to tall, antique-looking street lamps. They are attractive, affordable and functional in every sense of the word. While most people may associate solar post lighting to the dull, blue-purple solar lighting of a few years past, these newer fixtures put out a brighter light with a true light color and range in sizes up to 7 feet high for just a few hundred dollars.