Cheryl Marland, site owner

Thank you for visiting my site. Light pollution is a problem for everyone on the planet. Unlike many other major polluters, for most people around the globe, dark sky compliant lighting is the beginning of the solution.

So many municipalities and cities worldwide are creating dark sky reserves and lowering their own impact on the lost beauty of the night skies.

Outdoor Lighting Choices was born of a dream in 2008. The site has changed over the years as web technology changes and as I’ve had more time to work on it. As well, the news about light pollution is becoming more urgent over time and I continue to learn all I can about it and how we can make our own collective actions to change our too-bright human imprint on the night sky.

I made a difference for myself by asking Seattle City Light to install a dark sky compliant fixture on the city pole light outside my bedroom window. After about 6 months, they installed a new shielded LED light and my sleep has been so much better ever since. We can advocate for ourselves. And, of course, there is always more to the story.

Contact me anytime and enjoy the site. Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see added!